Virtual Team Maturity Model

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Meet the Team

Below you'll find a short biography of each VTMM® team member.
Our team is located in three different countries on two different continents
and has worked together virtually for years.

Dr. phil. Ralf Friedrich

CEO and Founder

Dr. Ralf Friedrich is an international project coach and business consultant and has been supporting companies in the implementation of project management and virtual team processes since 2000. For PMI®, he led the first version of the OPM3™ – Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. He conducted his own research on the performance improvement of virtual teams at the University of Darmstadt in cooperation with the Cork Institute of Technology. In 2017, he obtained the doctoral degree in the department of computer sciences. His dissertation was awarded the German Study Prize in Project Management 2017 by the German Project Management Association.

Andrea Keil


Andrea Keil has an M.A. degree in Economics from University Trier and UC Berkeley as well as a Certificate as Intercultural Trainer IKUD (dgikt). She has lived and worked overseas for many years gaining experience in collaboration with people from different cultures. Over the last years, she has contributed to several international research projects on virtual teams and their performance improvement. She delivers online trainings in English and German. Andrea is married and mother of 5 children.

Wilfried Evers


Wilfried Evers has an M.A. degree in computer science and is a certified PMP. He has been working for 26 years for Siemens in projects mainly in mobile communications. In that time he worked for 4 years in Ukraine on enhancing a mobile network. Since 2016 Wilfried is acting as a trainer in project management seminars for big german companies in german and in english language. Also he is working in leading workshops by starting and finishing big projects in these companies. Wilfried is married and has an already grown-up son.

Dirk Doppelfeld


Dirk Doppelfeld is an international consultant and trainer in project management. After 18 years of a career in the printing business he founded his own Consulting and Training company in 2011. He helps companies to enhance their effectiveness in Project Management through consulting, mentoring, coaching and training. He is also specialized in intercultural management. He is certified PMP since 2008 and actively engaged as Vice-president of the PMI France Chapter since several years. Born in Germany he lives in France since 1990. He is married and father of three children.

Michael Gebser


After being a flight attendant and travelling the world for a few years, Michael has become an accomplished, results-oriented Project Manager with almost 20 years of work experience in the telecommunications industry. Starting out in the Public Relations and Communications Business he soon directed his career to Process Optimisation in the Human Resources domain before finally specialising on Customer Services. Since his move to Thailand in 2014 he is working solely in virtual teams. Michael is married and has a son and two daughters.