Introduction to Virtual Team Management

In practise, procedures of face-to-face teamwork are translated into virtual environments without taking into account the specific challenges of virtual collaboration. When interpersonal reactions to virtual communication become less visible, there is a necessity for formal procedures to ensure participation and feedback of all team members.

Once the key elements to enhance virtual team performance are identified, the next step is to assess their presence in a virtual team and close any gaps with applicable cost-efficient  solutions to improve performance.

Choose from a variety of effective measures to implement these procedures in your virtual team and find out how they are affecting further areas of virtual collaboration.

2 x 2h virtual training program includes:

4h eClassroom

individual eLearning opportunity

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You will benefit from

  • learning and discussing methods to improve virtual teamwork with fellow classmates

  • sharing experiences and obstacles

  • finding creative approaches for solutions


  • experiencing interactive virtual teamwork and teambuilding

  • learning about a dynamic approach to continually improve your own and yourteam’s virtual teamwork skills

You will take away

  • practical ready-to-use solutions for your individual virtual team project

  • customized templates and action plans to work with

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December 11th from 9am to 11 am CET (Part B)

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