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Meeting viral challenges with virtual chances

In times of Corona virus, when gathering in offices and meeting rooms becomes increasingly hazardous, enterprises are forced to cancel meetings and business trips. At the same time employees need to stay at home to comply with quarantine regulations and support their families. As the crisis continues more work will be done from home offices.

Companies with employees already accustomed to virtual teamwork will gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Working successfully from remote places is much more than sending emails, sharing documents and meeting in phone conferences. You need to transform face-to-face interactions between team members into a virtual space, to sustain motivation and closeness among team members and ensure conflict free communication. 

This includes small talk opportunities and informal exchange of information as well as shared experiences as a team to foster team spirit in virtual teams. Without these binding experiences remote working team members feel disconnected and withdraw from the team, hence reducing their potential performance. This results in financial losses for the company. Misunderstandings in communication might lead to frustration and mistrust in each other. 

Also, after the corona crisis the world will have changed profoundly effecting business operations. Well implemented virtual teamwork will continue to save time and resources when the crisis is over. With virtual teamwork team members will spend less time travelling or waiting their turn in meeting rooms away from their work. Ad hoc meetings can be arranged more easily when needed. Documents can be viewed by all team members, commented and changed instantly. Virtual team activities consume less preparation time and budget and can take place more frequently including all team members from any location.

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Andrea Keil

Andrea Keil

Andrea is a VTMM® Team member. Over the last years, she has contributed to several international research projects on virtual teams and their performance improvement.

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