Virtual Team Maturity Model

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We offer the following membership options:

We offer one free Initial Team Assessment per member. Otherwise, Initial Assessments are charged with 199€ per team and Follow-Up Assessments with 99€ per team. Companies can profit from a 20% discount after 10 assessments for all subsequent assessment or have unlimited assessments for an annual fee of 4.498€.

Professional Membership

As a professional member, you have access to the VTMM® Forum, where you can exchange experience on virtual project management and virtual team processes with other professionals.

Moreover, you can pass through the initial team assessment. You receive the team results with an automatically generated evaluation and proposed improvement measures.

After having passed through the intial team assessment, you can participate fully in our virtual team development program and contact one of our assessors. Our assessors offer consultation on your virtual team maturity development and can tailor our assessment according to your individual needs. The service fee of the assessor must be agreed on mutually.

Academic Membership

You can become an academic member if you are a student or a staff member of a university.

As an academic member, you have access to the VTMM® Forum, where you can access information from practioners in the field of virtual project management and virtual team processes. To learn more about VTMM®, you can also pass through the initial team assessment. Moreover, you will have access to the research community, where you can exchange the latest trends with other academics.

Your membership will expire after one year unless renewed with current proof of your university affiliation.


We offer a short-track and a long-term certification course…

Introduction to Virtual Teamwork (TBD)

The participation fee is only 499€ per person​. Please register here. 

CVTL – Certified Virtual Team Leader

The VTMM®– Virtual Team Maturity Model provides the procedures for assessing and improving virtual team performance and forms the foundation of this certification program.Combining procedures from project management, team development theories, psychological aspects of motivation and group behavior, the VTMM®focuses on special needs and practices for virtual teamwork, such as compensating missing face-to-face interaction.

Internal team processes play an important role in virtual team performance. This seminar identifies the key elements for improving the performance of a virtual team and shows how to assess their presence in a virtual team. Participants will learn how to close any existing gaps with cost-effective and applicable solutions to improve the performance of their virtual team.

You will learn to

  • Recognize chances and challenges of diversity and virtuality in teamwork.
  • Transfer tools and techniques from face-to-face teams to virtual team environments.
  • Understand the processes of VTMM® proven to increase virtual team performance.
  • Transfer methods from VTMM® into customized measures ready to apply to your virtual team.

This training is suited for everyone who frequently works in virtual teams as a team member or leader. It is applicable for all branches, economic sectors, institutions and organizations of different sizes, providing regional and cultural diversity and different levels of experience with virtual teams. The participation fee is only 1.490€ per person​. Please register here.