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Welcome to VTMM® – Virtual Team Maturity Model.

VTMM® offers a virtual community, where you can discuss virtual team situations with professionals and receive quality feedback. Do you want to be an expert in virtual team performance? Then you can enrol in the certified VTMM® program and obtain the Certified Virtual Team Leader qualification. It is delivered 100% virtually.

Moreover, our virtual team development program allows you to perform self-assessments on the maturity level of your virtual team. At the end of a VTMM® assessment, you will receive a full report on your current virtual team maturity level and a list of recommendations to follow. You can also schedule your next assessment to measure the development of your virtual team, as the route to excellence is a process and not a one-time shot.

More features are planned, including the release of our VTMM® research community. This research community will bring professionals and academics together to share business experience and scientific research.

For feedback or more information on VTMM® and virtual team performance, please contact us.

We wish you great insights on your virtual team processes and that the performance of your virtual team improves quickly.

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Dr. Ralf Friedrich and team

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Team Assessment

A virtual team assessment includes all team members to evaluate the state of the team as perceived individually. It occupies a minimum of time and effort and produces instant results, reflecting the team’s maturity. A VTMM®assessment contains the following steps:

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You will improve the performance of your virtual team or your virtual organization faster with our cross-industry expertise on virtual team performance improvements.

Virtual teamwork can be highly effective, if the processes, tools, competencies and behaviors are well aligned. Our profound knowledge helps you to improve your virtual team performance quickly.


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Here you find a short biography of each VTMM® team member. Our team is located in three different countries on two different continents and has worked together virtually for years.

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