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Would you like to know how the VTMM®-process leads to higher team performance? And how to maintain this performance? And on top get an offer for a free introduction course?


to VTMM® Virtual Team Maturity Model.

VTMM® offers a virtual community, where you can discuss virtual team situations with professionals and receive quality feedback. Do you want to be an expert in virtual team performance? Then you can enrol in the certified VTMM® program and obtain the Certified Virtual Team Leader qualification. It is delivered 100% virtually.

Moreover, our virtual team development program allows you to perform self-assessments on the maturity level of your virtual team. At the end of a VTMM® assessment, you will receive a full report on your current virtual team maturity level and a list of recommendations to follow. You can also schedule your next assessment to measure the development of your virtual team, as the route to excellence is a process and not a one-time shot.

More features are planned, including the release of our VTMM® research community. This research community will bring professionals and academics together to share business experience and scientific research. For feedback or more information on VTMM® and virtual team performance, please contact us. We wish you great insights on your virtual team processes and that the performance of your virtual team improves quickly.

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Dr. Ralf Friedrich talks about VTMM® and the Team assessment:


You will improve the performance of your virtual team or your virtual organization faster with our cross-industry expertise on virtual team performance improvements. Virtual teamwork can be highly effective, if the processes, tools, competencies and behaviors are well aligned. Our profound knowledge helps you to improve your virtual team performance quickly.

Based on a sound analysis of the perception of all team members and our unique VTMM® – Virtual Team Maturity Model, we will give you clear and hands-on recommendations, how your virtual team will reach the next level of team performance. Our consultancy services continue after the assessment of the virtual team performance. We support you in the implementation of the recommendations and work with you and your virtual team shoulder on shoulder to improve the performance to the right level. It is the level your team needs to perform the tasks effectively, efficiently and with a strong team spirit.


Team Assessment

A virtual team assessment includes all team members to evaluate the state of the team as perceived individually. It occupies a minimum of time and effort and produces instant results, reflecting the team’s maturity. A VTMM®assessment contains the following steps:

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to VTMM® Virtual Team Maturity Model.

As global projects are getting more complex, virtual teams are established to bring together experts from different fields and cultures. Challenged by different working habits and communication patterns, these teams need fast and effective assessments of their teamwork to install efficient adjustments. We have developed an assessment of virtual teamwork, which measures the contribution of each team member to the team’s success through self-assessments. These record the individual perception of each team member, their level of information, their project reference, and the implementation of existing working methods. The VTMM®– Virtual Team Maturity Model focuses on internal team processes, necessary in particular to compensate for missing face-to-face communication. These predefined meta-processes include the definition of rules and objectives in addition to operational areas, such as the distribution of tasks and information. They also regulate areas of team-internal cooperation, such as meetings and decision-making, and serve to motivate and resolve conflicts through proactive feedback and praise, emphasizing the social aspects of getting to know each other and trust building.

The performance of a virtual team is measured by the presence and the degree of manifestation of the VTMM®processes. These are collected by means of an anonymous questionnaire, which is completed by each team member and the team leader, assessing the degree of manifestation of each process on the basis of predefined criteria. These criteria are assigned to four different maturity levels, whereby the average maturity level can be determined for each process and the team performance, using a logical algorithm. The results of the assessment are presented to the team to discuss improvement measures. The VTMM® meta-processes include various methods and tools that can be used to improve the team performance in the analyzed areas, if not yet implemented. This continuously repeatable procedure of VTMM®contributes to create a highly motivated virtual project team, leading to trust, cohesion, and consequently an improved team performance. The effects of a VTMM®assessment and the implementation of corresponding measures for improvement on the virtual team performance have been validated in a case study.


Taking off virtually

All teams rely on efficient internal team processes, but virtual teams additionally need to focus on special needs and practises for virtual teamwork, such as compensating for missing face-to-face interaction. Focussing on key factors for successful virtual team performance we will use the Virtual Team Maturity Model (VTMM®) to assess your team's current state of development. Together with your team we will then identify in which areas your team hasn't reached its full potential yet and choose measures to increase performance and motivation for the entire team.

Certified Virtual Team Leader (CVTL)

Leaders of virtual teams need to focus on internal team processes that play an important role in improving performance. Combining procedures from project management, team development theories, psychological aspects of motivation and group behaviour, the Virtual Team Maturity Model (VTMM®) focusses on special needs and practises for virtual teamwork, such as compensating for missing face-to-face interaction. Free Webinars

About us

Our team is located in three different countries on two different continents and has worked together virtually for many years.

Dr. phil. Ralf Friedrich

CEO and Founder

Dr. Ralf Friedrich is an international project coach and business consultant and has been supporting companies in the implementation of project management and virtual team processes since 2000. For PMI®, he led the first version of the OPM3™ - Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. He conducted his own research on the performance improvement of virtual teams at the University of Darmstadt in cooperation with the Cork Institute of Technology. In 2017, he obtained the doctoral degree in the department of computer sciences. His dissertation was awarded the German Study Prize in Project Management 2017 by the German Project Management Association.

Andrea Keil

Andrea Keil has an M.A. degree in Economics from University Trier and UC Berkeley as well as a Certificate as Intercultural Trainer IKUD (dgikt). She has lived and worked overseas for many years gaining experience in collaboration with people from different cultures. Over the last years, she has contributed to several international research projects on virtual teams and their performance improvement. She delivers online trainings in English and German. Andrea is married and mother of 5 children.


Wilfried Evers

Wilfried Evers has an M.A. degree in computer science and is a certified PMP. He has been working for 26 years for Siemens in projects mainly in mobile communications. In that time he worked for 4 years in Ukraine on enhancing a mobile network. Since 2016 Wilfried is acting as a trainer in project management seminars for big german companies in german and in english language. Also he is working in leading workshops by starting and finishing big projects in these companies. Wilfried is married and has an already grown-up son.


Dirk Doppelfeld

Dirk Doppelfeld is an international consultant and trainer in project management. After 18 years of a career in the printing business he founded his own Consulting and Training company in 2011. He helps companies to enhance their effectiveness in Project Management through consulting, mentoring, coaching and training. He is also specialized in intercultural management. He is certified PMP since 2008 and actively engaged as Vice-president of the PMI France Chapter since several years. Born in Germany he lives in France since 1990. He is married and father of three children.


Michael Gebser

After being a flight attendant and travelling the world for a few years, Michael has become an accomplished, results-oriented Project Manager with almost 20 years of work experience in the telecommunications industry. Starting out in the Public Relations and Communications Business he soon directed his career to Process Optimisation in the Human Resources domain before finally specialising on Customer Services. Since his move to Thailand in 2014 he is working solely in virtual teams. Michael is married and has a son and two daughters.


"ENGIE Consulting is an internal consulting team giving expert advise and support to internal projects all over the world for the ENGIE group. The team is based in Paris, Brussels and Houston. It is composed of various nationalities and levels of seniority. The Brussels based team has closely worked together with the GePros team for improving its virtual team working maturity. GePros organized a well structured intake with various actors of the team to understand the context and the challenges. The entire team was invited to a kick off to explain the objectives and the approach of the assessment. All team members participated to an inquiry resulting in a VTMM score. The VTMM model covers a wide scale of domains for which separate scores have been given. GePros shared the results with the team, every domain has been highlighted and actionable suggestions were given to further improve the maturity of the team. ENGIE Consulting much appreciated the compactness of the approach, no long interviews or meetings, and the seniority of the consultants. We are now going ahead with the implementation of GePro's recommendations in a spirit of continuous improvement."

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Filip Dupon
Senior Manager ENGIE Consulting, Global Business Support