team assessment

The VTMM® Assessment

A virtual team assessment includes all team members to evaluate the state of the team as perceived individually. It occupies a minimum of time and effort and produces instant results, reflecting the team’s maturity. A VTMM®assessment contains the following steps:

  1. VTMM® assessment of all processes with all team members
    Online questionnaires are distributed by email and filled out by team members.
  2. Presentation of the assessment results
    An automatically generated report of the results is sent to team leader and members. It contains results on team maturity on all processes as well as recommendations for further improvement.
  3. Agreement on choice of improvement initiatives and their implementation
    Team leader and/or team decide on improvement activities recommended by the report and initiate concrete measures for their implementation.
  4. Re-assessment after agreed time with all team members
    After the team has worked with the chosen measures for some time another online questionnaire is filled out by the team.
  5. Interpretation of results
    Another automatically generated report reveals change in team maturity and recommends further steps.
  6. Repetition of steps 3 to 5 until desired team performance has been reached
    If the reached outcome is not satisfactorily, the team discusses and implements further improvement activities.

The questions of the virtual team assessment cover all 11 VTMM® processes and serve as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each team member rates the presence of a process by choosing appropriate KPIs. Each KPI is assigned to one of 4 maturity levels. The number of KPIs at each level defines the virtual overall team maturity.

The result of an assessment also illustrates how much the processes are consistently present within the team. They can be a diverse opinion about the team’s performance on the different processes, which indicates that sub-teams have different perceptions about the team’s performance. In that case, improvement activities will aim to align all team members on a common team maturity level.


VTMM® Assessment

Initial Assessment

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49 Per Person
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