taking off virtually

All teams rely on efficient internal team processes, but virtual teams additionally need to focus on special needs and practises for virtual teamwork, such as compensating for missing face-to-face interaction. Focussing on key factors for successful virtual team performance we will use the Virtual Team Maturity Model (VTMM®) to assess your team’s current state of development. Together with your team we will then identify in which areas your team hasn’t reached its full potential yet and choose measures to increase performance and motivation for the entire team.

Once the key elements to enhance virtual team performance are identified, the next step is to assess their presence in a virtual team and close any gaps with applicable cost-efficient solutions to improve performance.

2 x 2h virtual training program

After this training you're skilled to

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€249/person plus 19% VAT
Includes access to eClassroom & eLearning Platform

You can Take Off Virtually with your entire inhouse virtual team and save 20%.   For € 199/person plus 19% VAT you can enrol your team and profit from an individual focus on your team situation (also in German language).